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    Aieden Bollinger Ichimoku Momentum Strategy + Source Code

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    The cTrader automated trading strategy combines two well-known techniques for momentum trading: Bollinger Bands and the Ichimoku Cloud. This strategy trades breakouts with momentum and can be customized to fit the trader's needs. The trader has the option to use Bollinger Bands and Ichimoku Cloud together or separately, on different time frames, and with configured take-profit and stop-loss conditions. This allows the trader to create an asset- and time-optimized momentum strategy that is highly flexible and effective.
    Type: cTrader cBot + source code
    Current version: 1.0.0
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: 05 January 2023
    Vendor: Aieden Tech

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    The Aieden Bollinger and Ichimoku Momentum Strategy is a breakout strategy that focuses on capturing momentum when prices break out of their typical low volatility range. When prices break out, either by moving beyond the upper or lower Bollinger band or crossing the Ichimoku cloud in the upper or lower direction, the strategy recognizes this as an opportunity to enter a trade with a high level of momentum. The trader can then choose to use a take-profit mechanism to capture profits, wait for a rebound back within the Bollinger bands to exit or wait for a reverse signal of the entry conditions. This strategy is designed to help traders capitalize on moments of high momentum in the market.

    cTrader Strategy Source Code

    The Bollinger Ichimoku Momentum Strategy

    If you are not familiar with the type of trading System then you can follow the link below and find out all about its features, we also offer a version of this automated system without source code.


    Benefits of Code Ownership

    One advantage of owning the source code for a trading system is the ability to add additional features at any time. Customers who purchase this product will own the source code, but the copyright for reselling the code will remain with ClickAlgo Limited. If you would like to add more features to the strategy, you can either choose your own developer or do it yourself (DIY). Alternatively, ClickAlgo offers a coding service to help you add additional features to the strategy. In this case, the customer will receive and own all the source code.


    Code Quality

    The code is written by a professional software developer with many years of experience creating automated trading systems for the cTrader trading platform, we make sure they add extra code comments to help you understand how the code works.


    Already Purchased The B.I.M System?

    If you have already purchased the Aieden Bollinger Ichimoku Momentum Strategy you can receive a discount on the full price of this product for the price you paid. Example: You paid £124.99 for the product without the source code, contact us and we will issue you with a £124.99 discount voucher to purchase this product with the full source code.


    No Refunds for this Product

    When you purchase this product we cannot offer a refund under any terms because once you have downloaded the code files from our servers you will own the code and we cannot take it back. We recommend that a 14-day trial be downloaded for the product without the source code before you purchase.


    Future Updates

    This product is not eligible for free updates that may occur with the product that is sold under license without the source code.


    Coding Questions Support

    If you have any questions about the code structure you can post your question with a snippet of code on our dedicated coding forum.


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