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    Latest Blog Articles

    cTrader Community-Driven Development
    What makes our company unique in this industry is that we listen to feedback from our customers via our Telegram community and suggestions forum to improve our products with new features.
    cTrader Cypher Pattern
    The Cypher pattern is a four-leg reversal pattern that follows precise Fibonacci ratios, this type of pattern appears less frequent than other harmonic patterns.
    How To Use a Grid-Hedge Trading System with cTrader

    A classic “hedged grid” is made up of both long and short positions. As the name suggests, there’s a measure of inbuilt hedging.

    How to Optimize cTrader Indicators

    When you buy or you have a custom built trading robot, it is not as simple as clicking on the play button and expecting to make money, the parameters you use are very important, each symbol will require different settings.

    Classic Trading Strategies: Moving Average Crossover

    We have started to add the best classical proven trading strategies to our web store for you to download today, we start with the cTrader Moving Average Crossover Strategy which is used by top professional traders.