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    Forex Trading Articles

    Candlestick Pattern Education & Detection Software

    We now include a section on our website where traders can learn how to use candlestick patterns using price action to help identify trend reversals.

    How To Trade Using a Risk & Reward Tool

    If you are trading Forex without first calculating your risk vs reward then you will be joining the other 95% of traders that fail.

    cTrader Trade Duplicator & Stacker

    Now you can automatically duplicate cTrader trades and stack separate positions by either opening one manually or by using an automated trading robot. Each stacked position will be identical with the same symbol, direction, lot size and take profit, stop loss if set. 


    MACD Auto-Trading & Signal Provider for cTrader

    This is part of the collection of cTrader indicators that we have used with our trading Add-ons to allow you to not only auto-trade but also to receive instant messages via Telegram, SMA and email.

    cTrader Moving Average Market Scanner With Alerts

    With the cTrader Moving Average alert system you can have multiple MA scanners running at the same time with different time-frames and MA types and periods, this gives you an amazing view if the market with either a single symbol or even multiple symbols.