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    Knowledge posts of '2017' 'September'

    How to Break-Even Winners & Losers

    Use this Risk-Management tool to automatically move the stop loss and take profit for all open positions to a financial break-even with a single mouse click. This cTrader widget is an invaluable tool for scalpers.

    How to Reverse All Open Positions Fast

    If you are using the cTrader trading platform and you want to know how to reverse all your open positions with a single mouse click, read this article...

    How to Capture Forex Volatility Price Movement

    The Forex market has many events that can cause a price spike on an instrument like a high impact news release and big orders from brokers and banks. You can capture these movements when they happen by using the Spotware Systems (cTrader) Volatility Dashboard Widget.

    Learn Swing Trading Using cTrader

    Learn how to Swing Trade using the cTrader trading platform, this simple knowledge will bring you huge benefits, we will show you how to automate the process with a single click of a button.