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    Knowledge posts of '2018' 'June'

    cTrader Expert Advisor (EA) Coding

    If you are looking for someone to create your Expert Advisor (EA) for the cTrader trading platform then we are the company you contact first, with cTrader we call automated trading robots "cBots" instead of EA's.

    Bitcoin is Bottoming and May Go Bullish Again

    Bitcoin is bottoming out at USD 7,000 and that it could start rising again as soon as within the next few days. Bitcoin has previously indeed started rising after hitting the USD 7,000 mark, this could be the point that the popular Crypto is about to start another trend north.

    What Is Maximum Drawdown - Forex Trading
    So, what is the drawdown of your capital when you are trading A drawdown is the reduction of one’s capital after a series of losing trades.
    Client Plugin for cTrader News Release Manager

    This client module will simplify integrating the News Release Manager into your own trading robot, with just a few lines of code you can now pause trading before, during and after a major news event.