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    Knowledge posts of '2019' 'September'

    cTrader Fibonacci Expansion Tool
    This overlooked charting tool for the cTrader trading platform is very good at identifying profit targets when there is a trend or alert the trader to where potential trend reversal areas could develop.
    Fibonacci Retracement - Advanced Techniques
    When used in the Forex markets Fibonacci Retracements are ratios that help identify potential reversal levels and show which way the market may go next, these ratios are found in the Fibonacci sequence.
    cTrader Fibonacci Numbers & Lines
    It may be worth sharing some history of who invented the Fibonacci numbers, he was an Italian mathematician from the Republic of Pisa who was considered to be the most talented Western mathematician.
    cTrader Advanced Trading Techniques - Harmonics
    Harmonic trading using cTrader combines patterns and mathematics into a trading method that is precise and based on the premise that patterns repeat themselves.
    cTrader Broker Referral Program - Coding Service
    Are you a broker who gets asked to build custom indicators and trading robots by your customers or to help to migrate Expert Advisors over to cTrader cBots?
    cTrader Harmonic Pattern Recognition Software - Beta
    The cTrader Harmonic Pattern Recognition Indicator is a powerful piece of software for retail traders. These patterns contain combinations of distinct and consecutive Fibonacci retracements.
    NinjaTrader Risk Management Software - Advanced
    The NinjaTrader Alarm Manager is a Personal Trading & Risk Management Assistant for your PC and your VPS, this Add-On will help you lock in profits and reduce your losses.