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    Knowledge posts of '2020' 'January'

    Social Media StockTwits
    If you are looking for a social media platform to share your ideas with fellow traders of all abilities then StockTwits is the product you should be using, this free tool will allow you to view and share information with over 400K market professionals
    Best Economic News Calendar
    If you trade Forex then one of the best weapons at your disposal would be an economic news calendar, every trader needs to know exactly when a high-impact news event is about to happen.
    cTrader for Mac Users
    Installing cTrader Windows on the Apple Mac is possible by installing some 3rd party software called Parallels that will allow you to easily switch between your Mac OS and the Windows OS.
    Oxford Algorithmic Trading Course
    The Oxford Algorithmic Trading Course is one of the first courses of its kind in the world that can be studied part-time, this is a 6-week self-paced course that will teach the rules.
    Bitcoin Price Prediction Indicator
    The cTrader Bitcoin Price Prediction Indicator is exclusive with Fondex which uses artificial intelligence techniques to provide a trade entry accuracy of 85%.
    Forex Market Symbol Overview
    The Forex Symbol Market Overview widget is a tool that can be used by traders to quickly determine the current trend of a financial instrument by looking at combined data.
    Technical Analysis Currency Markets
    If you trade currency, then you need to have this book on your desk. It's the only book you need for technical analysis of the fastest-moving market on the planet.
    Best Crypto Market Screener
    This excellent Cryptocurrency Market Screener will assist any trader in choosing the best coin to invest by allowing them to filter the results using both fundamental and technical data.
    Web-Based Forex Market Screener
    This web-based Forex Market Screener will scan the whole market and adjust your filter criteria, for example, "show me all the symbols where the average day range is below (x)"
    cTrader Technical Analysis Tools
    The term technical analysis is used to identify trading opportunities by examining statistical trends gathered from trading these Free TradingView widgets.