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    Knowledge posts of '2020' 'March'

    cTrader Tutorials
    Our cTrader Tutorial will help traders learn how to use the full potential of the trading platform & create their own automated trading systems using hands-on video tutorials
    cTrader Platform Settings
    The cTrader Settings Panel allows the trader to customize their experience using the platform to configure their theme display, email alerts, asset management, notifications.
    cTrader Depth of Market Trading
    A unique feature built into the cTrader trading platform is the Depth of Market (DoM) which is also known as the Order Book, this shows the volume of both buyers and sellers.
    cTrader TradeWatch
    When you first start cTrader you will see a window at the bottom of the screen showing your positions, orders, historical trades, price alerts and export trade activity logs.
    cTrader Hotkey Shortcuts
    Hotkeys are used with the cTrader platform as shortcuts to quickly change the layout of the screen, navigate charts and interact with other features.
    cTrader Chart Linking
    A feature often overlooked in the cTrader platform is the ability to link charts together that have the same symbol and apply all the indicators to any other symbol.
    cTrader Chart Configuration
    The cTrader platform offers the ability to arrange the open charts on the screen into different configurations and modes as well as the option to detach them for maximum viewing.
    Trading Central Technical Analysis
    Trading Central is a global leader in market analysis and technology innovation, they provide a unique tool that is integrated into the cTrader trading platform for certain brokers.
    cTrader Chart Drawing Toolbar
    The drawing toolbar for the cTrader trading platform will allow you to attach drawing objects to the charts in the form of Fibonacci Tools, Trend lines and other useful drawings.
    How to Create cTrader Price Alerts
    A cTrader price alert is a notification that is sent to the trader in the form of an audible sound, pop-up and email when the price of an instrument reaches a set target.
    MT4 EA Conversion to cTrader cBot
    If you have an MT4 Expert Advisor or indicator that you need to be converted to be used with the cTrader trading platform then have a quick read of this article first.
    Managing Orders using cTrader
    This article will show you all the various ways of managing your open positions or pending orders on the fly, it includes both web content and a video tutorial.