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    Blog posts tagged with 'bitcoin'

    Bitcoin Price Prediction Indicator
    The cTrader Bitcoin Price Prediction Indicator is exclusive with Fondex which uses artificial intelligence techniques to provide a trade entry accuracy of 85%.
    Is Bitcoin Too Volatile, What Next?

    With Bitcoin being one of the most volatile Cryptocurrencies to invest your money in, what are the people looking at now?


    Bitcoin is Bottoming and May Go Bullish Again

    Bitcoin is bottoming out at USD 7,000 and that it could start rising again as soon as within the next few days. Bitcoin has previously indeed started rising after hitting the USD 7,000 mark, this could be the point that the popular Crypto is about to start another trend north.

    US Government Have Just Arrested The Bitcoin Stock Exchange Founder

    The owner of BitFunder, a long-defunct, bitcoin-denominated stock exchange, has been arrested by the U.S. government.