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    Blog posts tagged with 'ninjatrader'

    NinjaTrader Risk Management Software - Advanced
    The NinjaTrader Alarm Manager is a Personal Trading & Risk Management Assistant for your PC and your VPS, this Add-On will help you lock in profits and reduce your losses.
    Visual Studio 2017 for Algorithmic Development

    This is a quick overview of the new key features that the latest version of Visual Studio 2017.

    Buying an Automated Strategy

    Do not be focused on the profits, look at the drawdown of the account, this is your risk and gambling factor.

    Yearly Results Expected for Conservative Trading

    Draw-down: 1-5%

    Profit: 7-10% 

    A more aggressive trading style will expect a higher draw-down and profit together with an increased gam...

    VPS Server CPU High

    If you are running your trading platform like cTrader or NinjaTrader on a Virtual server and your CPU is too excessive then the chances are that it is not the platform that is eating up all your CPU, but the automating downloads that are configured in the operating system.

    If you log in to your vir...

    How-To Remove NinjaTrader Warnings in Visual Studio

    The following instructions will remove the irritating warning messages that you get when you open a project in Visual Studio from NinjaTrader 8.

    1. Open Visual Studio
    2. Right click mouse on the NinjaTrade.Custom project and select properties
    3. Choose the build option
    4. Under Errors and warnings add thi...