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    Blog posts tagged with 'programming'

    How To Code Your Own EA's, Robots & cBots

    Watch our YouTube channel for free educational material on how to start from scratch and create your own automated trading robot, EA or cBot, each video is in English and explains how to use cTrader, cAlgo and Microsoft Visual Studio with C#.

    How To Code a Trailing Stop With cTrader
    This blog will help you easily code a trailing stop to your existing automated strategy or cBot using cTrader's cAlgo, C# and Microsoft Visual Studio. Our Algo training school will help you code your own robots.
    F# Could be Gaining Ground in Many Investment Banks

    F# is a functional programming language that allows you to write simple code for complex problems. Currently, it is most commonly used in the financial sector. Quantitative finance makes heavy use of mathematics to model various parts of finance in the real world. 

    Visual Studio 2017 for Algorithmic Development

    This is a quick overview of the new key features that the latest version of Visual Studio 2017.

    Why Designing Your Algorithm is Important

    So you have a great idea for an Automated Strategy and you understanding coding.

    How-To Remove NinjaTrader Warnings in Visual Studio

    The following instructions will remove the irritating warning messages that you get when you open a project in Visual Studio from NinjaTrader 8.

    1. Open Visual Studio
    2. Right click mouse on the NinjaTrade.Custom project and select properties
    3. Choose the build option
    4. Under Errors and warnings add thi...