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    Blog posts tagged with 'visual studio'

    How To Code A Break-even Stop Loss With cTrader
    We will show you how to easily code a Breakeven stop loss to your existing automated strategy or cBot using cTrader's cAlgo, C# and Microsoft Visual Studio.
    How To Code a Trailing Stop for a cTrader cBot
    We will show you how to code your own trailing stop into your automated trading robots (cBots) for the cTrader trading platform, the example will show you how to add this feature to a Moving Average trading strategy.
    How to Write an SMA cBot with Visual Studio
    We will show you how to write a simple moving average trading system using cTrader and Microsoft Visual Studio, take advantage of our online video tutorial and downloadable source code.
    Debugging Your Automated Strategy (cBot) With Visual Studio

    Do you want to learn how to identify and fix bugs in your code the easy way? We will show you how to create automated trading systems the smart way using Microsoft Visual Studio.

    How to Write a cTrader Risk Management Robot with Visual Studio
    In this video, we are going to show you how to create a simple risk management robot using cAlgo and Visual Studio which stops your robot and closes all open positions on a Friday afternoon at a set time in order to not have any open positions running during the weekend.
    Introduction to Using Microsoft Visual Studio with cTrader
    Learn how to use the Visual Studio development environment with cTrader & cAlgo to get the most out of your algorithmic trading while programming.
    How to Debug a cTrader cBot
    Learn how to debug your cTrader algorithmic trading robot using Visual Studio 2015 and Microsoft C#.
    Code Snippets with Visual Studio 2015 and cTrader

    Do you ever find yourself writing the same piece of code over and over and you keep saying to yourself that I really need to do something about it.

    Visual Studio 2017 for Algorithmic Development

    This is a quick overview of the new key features that the latest version of Visual Studio 2017.