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    What Is Maximum Drawdown - Forex Trading
    So, what is the drawdown of your capital when you are trading A drawdown is the reduction of one’s capital after a series of losing trades.
    Client Plugin for cTrader News Release Manager

    This client module will simplify integrating the News Release Manager into your own trading robot, with just a few lines of code you can now pause trading before, during and after a major news event.

    How to Export Historical Trade Events - cTrader

    This article will explain how you can export all your historical trade events that have occurred, this information is required to help identify any queries you may have with opening or closing of positions and other general trade activities.

    Free Forex Trading eBooks for cTrader

    We provide free Forex day trading eBooks for you to download to help you succeed using the cTrader trading platform, these books are general so can be used with any other platform and they can be downloaded in Kindle, PDF, EPUB or Mobi formats.

    How-To Check Out As a Guest Using PayPal

    When you purchase one of our cTrader trading products from our website you do not need to have a PayPal account to make the purchase, you can simply use your debit or credit card.

    How to Optimise the Best Trading Hours for your cBot (Robot)

    Finding the best trading hours when using your automated trading robot is often overlooked by most traders and if used correctly it can increase your profit and reduce the financial risk.

    How to Optimize cTrader Indicators

    When you buy or you have a custom built trading robot, it is not as simple as clicking on the play button and expecting to make money, the parameters you use are very important, each symbol will require different settings.

    How To Install the Snipping Tool in Your VPS

    Snipping tool is a very nice tool for capturing the screens which come with latest versions of Windows. In this article, let's see how to enable the snipping tool in Windows Server 2012.

    How To Optimise Your cTrader & cAlgo cBot

    This article will help you understand how to optimise your automated trading robot or cBot to get the best possible parameters for the symbol you are using to maximise the net profit while at the same time reducing the drawdown (risk).

    US Government Have Just Arrested The Bitcoin Stock Exchange Founder

    The owner of BitFunder, a long-defunct, bitcoin-denominated stock exchange, has been arrested by the U.S. government.