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    Latest Trading Articles

    TradeView Markets Review
    Tradeview Markets is an excellent broker to trade Forex, Indices, Shares and Cryptocurrencies for the cTrader trading platform, their list of instruments to trade are very good.
    Coding cTrader Telegram Alerts
    This article will explain how you can add Telegram alerts into your existing or new automated trading system for the cTrader trading platform using Microsoft Visual Studio & the C# programming language.
    cTrader Community-Driven Development
    What makes our company unique in this industry is that we listen to feedback from our customers via our Telegram community and suggestions forum to improve our products with new features.
    cTrader Advanced Protection Tools
    The cTrader trading platform has an in-built feature to attached advanced take profit & stop-loss protection to an order which is already open.
    Best Stock Market Books
    This is the latest unbiased list of the top best stock market books for 2020 to help traders find the most useful material for both novices and veteran traders.
    ClickAlgo Telegram Messenger Community
    Our cTrader Telegram community was created to support our customers to help them use our products & services, here you will get ultra-fast answers to your questions with help from our support staff and community members.
    cTrader cBot & Indicator Licensing
    This article will show how a developer can licensing their cTrader cBots & Indicators to protect against software piracy in order to create maximum profit.
    cTrader Autochartist
    Autochartist is a financial market content company that leverage big data to provide price & Fibonacci patterns as well as key support & resistance levels direct from cTrader.
    cTrader Crypto Symbols
    If you trade cryptocurrencies and need help finding a cTrader Broker that supports the Crypto symbol that you wish to trade with then read this article & watch a video explainer.
    cTrader Volatility Trading Terminal
    During periods of high volatility that can happen during high-impact news or other unpredictable market events, a trader's open positions can be at risk.
    cTrader Help Tutorials
    Our cTrader Tutorial will help traders learn how to use the full potential of the trading platform & create their own automated trading systems using hands-on video tutorials
    cTrader Platform Settings
    The cTrader Settings Panel allows the trader to customize their experience using the platform to configure their theme display, email alerts, asset management, notifications.
    cTrader Depth of Market Trading
    A unique feature built into the cTrader trading platform is the Depth of Market (DoM) which is also known as the Order Book, this shows the volume of both buyers and sellers.
    cTrader TradeWatch
    When you first start cTrader you will see a window at the bottom of the screen showing your positions, orders, historical trades, price alerts and export trade activity logs.
    cTrader Hotkey Shortcuts
    Hotkeys are used with the cTrader platform as shortcuts to quickly change the layout of the screen, navigate charts and interact with other features.
    cTrader Chart Linking
    A feature often overlooked in the cTrader platform is the ability to link charts together that have the same symbol and apply all the indicators to any other symbol.