First, make sure it's a bug. You should also search this group to see if anyone has already reported this bug.

Once you've established that it's a bug and that we don't know about it already, the most important thing you can do is come up the steps to reproduce the bug, please choose a single example and not post multiple examples. The simpler description to duplicate the issue, the more likely a developer is to successfully reproduce the bug and fix it.

In addition to the steps to reproduce the error, we will also need the following information:

1. Name of broker
3. Are you using the trial or paid version
4. Include any screen-shots to display the issue

How to upload images?
You can visit this site to upload images and share a link: and use the link icon above to link the URL.

Please take some time to read about how to report bugs here.

We know it's a lot of work to file an effective bug report, but a good report can save hours of a developer's time, and make the bug much more likely to get fixed. We also reserve the right to alter the post to make it easier for the developer to understand or remove duplicate posts.