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    24 Nov 2020

    Risk stake at indices advanced order bug

    2 months ago
    Hi, Daniel, thank you for your patience, we tested this with Germany 30 and it will default to the minimum lot size until the risk % increases it higher, this also depends on your account size and your stop-loss which is used in the calculation.

    We tested on an account size of $722.00, with a risk of 4% and a stop-loss of 10 pips, the lot size for a new position was calculated at 2.43, but when an order is submitted it rounded it down to 2 lots.

    Feel free to discuss this further on our support chat group
    2 months ago
    The bug is % balance risk stake doesn't properly calculate the lotsze
    No matter what risk stake I put, the lotsize is always executed at 0,1 lot / minimum lotsize at pepperstone ger30 indices. (the risk is not calculated properly). Instead of risking 100usd (1% of 10k usd), the executed risk is 3$ 5$ ish.

    The same bug also happen when I choose bet per point and fixed cash risk stake, the lotsize always executed at 0,1 lot (minimum lotsize)

    1. Name of broker : pepperstone
    2. Your location and timezone : indonesia utc+7
    3. Are you using the trial or paid version :paid

    recorded steps :