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    26 Nov 2020

    ATR usage instead of fixed pips fields

    one month ago
    Noted, thank you.
    one month ago
    As ATR do wonders after adding in Neptune with no more need setting TP and SL manually there, we should benefit of its magic power to grid hedge also. Idea is very simple - let user set some ATR base once and using that autoscale all other fields that for now we have to define with fixed pips.

    So, settings would have new ATR section to select:
    - yes/no switch to use ATR instead of pips values on all cbot fields of grid hedge
    - timeframe of ATR to read from - this is important, we could play on ie H1 but would like to use daily candle size as base for multiply others etc
    - period of ATR

    Then, just under existing fields of pips we would have new ATR ones where we input multipliers for:
    - tp (average tp)
    - sl
    - grid step/space
    - break even trigger
    - trailing stop trigger
    - trailing stop step

    This way we can set for example tp on always as half of D1 ATR, SL as 1x D1 ATR, trailing triggered on 0.4xD1 ATR in distance of 0.3xD1 ATR and so on. No more fixed pips for optimisation and changing from time to time, just set these as ATR once and use no matter of current market ranges or pair.