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    26 Nov 2020

    Hull Moving Average Strategy

    one month ago
    Hi, Vanesh,

    The entry point is correct, this system waits for the close of the candle before checking for the trade. You will notice that many of our systems use "on bar close" so the candle has to close before the robot submits an order.

    Also, try the Moving Average crossover system as you can now use 9 different moving averages including the Hull.

    one month ago
    Hi Guys,

    While doing backtesting i have noticed that the alert for opening a position is located at a different candle and the bot is opening a position at later candle. This is not happening but is impacting my strategy and making me lose.

    I am using a trial version. But strongly willing to buy the product after testing (provided this bug is fixed).

    Broker Name: IC Markets
    Chart Screenshot: https://ibb.co/GH6xySx
    Params Screenshot: https://ibb.co/XbbCB5p