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    19 Oct 2019

    Reporting Bugs

    5 months ago
    I've sent the files via e-mail.

    By the way, I'm running those cBots on demo account on parallel. And, a few seconds ago the same happened in demo account.

    Paul wrote:
    Hi, Ahmet,

    ok, no problem, if you could send us the cBot parameter settings, News Manager Settings and the log information we will investigate this further for you. just send the information to

    Please accept my apologies if my messages came across as abrupt, this was not intentional when I said read the previous message it was because I updated it after you had replied. If you could send the information I requested we should be able to identify what the problem is. I had to cover the basics before assigning it to an engineer to investigate.

    4 months ago
    This issue was due to the registry settings for the news manager being set to true, the customer resolved and correct the problem. The actual problem was a configuration issue.