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    Charting Tools

    Browse our collection of cTrader charting tools including a Risk & Reward Tool and the Support & Resistance indicator to give your trading an extra boost.

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    cTrader Supply & Demand Indicator

    cTrader Supply & Demand Zones

    Supply and demand zones are visible areas on a Forex chart where the price has been hit many times in the past, unlike our support and resistance cTrader indicator, this resembles zones more closely than precise price lines. A Supply & Demand indicator is a fantastic tool used in cTrader to show on your charts using boxes where a Forex currency may increase or fall in price. Requires cTrader 4.2 and above.
    cTrader Period & Symbol Hotkeys

    cTrader Symbol & Period Control Panel

    This is an excellent cTrader indicator created by a developer called Bart that allows you to quickly change the chart timeframe or symbol you wish to trade by clicking on a button on the chart. It also has to ability to customise the quick click buttons from symbols on your symbol watchlist.
    cTrader Chart Navigation

    cTrader Chart Navigation Tool

    The Chart Navigation Indicator for the cTrader trading platform allows you to quickly switch timeframes or symbols by pressing keyboard arrow keys, it works simultaneously across all your open cTrader charts. If you are a scalper of need to quickly open or manage your trades then this tool is one you should have in your toolkit.
    cTrader Measure Charting Tool

    cTrader Measure Charting Tool

    The measuring tool indicator was created by Spotware and is not available as standard with the cTrader platform, so this was created to duplicate some of the features of the popular measure tool used in TradingView. The following data is made available as you draw on the chart bars, amount of time, price delta, price percentage change, and volume.
    cTrader Chart Template Saving

    cTrader Chart Drawing Saving Tool

    Many traders have requested a way of saving all chart drawing objects so that it loads automatically when cTrader is opened again, this Chart Drawing Object Saving Tool will quickly do this for you. It is also possible to load and save all the drawings on the chart using the keyboard hotkey shortcuts.