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cTrader FIX API Development Service

We offer a professional cTrader FIX API integration service to allow retail traders the ability to create their own bespoke windows or web trading applications.

FIX (Financial Information Exchange) API (application programming interface) is used to communicate directly with cTrader Server through FIX messages. It is a protocol designed for exchanging electronic messages for financial information. It is the dominant protocol used for electronic trading.

 cTrader FIX API

FIX API is a universal standard. It’s used by numerous banks, prime brokers, and hedge funds. The origins of FIX API date back to the early 1990s, when several volunteer programmers were seeking opportunities for communication support when trading stocks. In 1998, this team of programmers started a non-profit company called FIX Protocol Limited (FPL), which focused on expanding, developing and supporting the protocol.


 Fix API Software Development


How Can FIX Help You?

 Communicating directly using FIX will minimise the latency and allow you to send and receive data much quicker which makes it ideal for time-critical systems. We can build a system for you that will leverage the power of using the FIX protocol and give you an extra edge for your trading.

  • Faster execution time. FIX API focuses on transmitting large amounts of financial data within the shortest time period. 
  • Multi-channeling. Connect to multiple brokers simultaneously using one custom application or interface to extend their trading opportunities as they see fit.

  • Flexibility. Traders can develop algorithms using any programming language or other desired tools to provide themselves with a bespoke solution. Those tools can be connected to the markets via their broker using cTrader FIX API.

  • Privacy. Traders can run algorithms directly on their computer without running it on a commercial platform, thereby not disclosing any part of it.


ctrader fix api applications


What can the cTrader Open API be used for?

Anyone with a creative or breakthrough idea can now turn it into a reality using the Open API, there is no limitation to what you can do, only your imagination will stop you.

Just a few of the potential uses are shown below. 

  •  Display Trading Results to a windows application or a web browser
  • Create Bespoke Trading Applications for that extra speed
  • Create a Black-Box Trading Robot 
  • Create a Notification System using Skype, Telegram or any social media provider
  • Create a Charting Application windows or web-based
  • Create a Trade Copier System


cTrader EcoSystem

cTrader is a mature product that has a solid ecosystem of integrated third-party solutions making it quick and simple to deploy and connect with an existing business.

cTrader API Integration

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