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    cTrader KnowledgeBase Introduction

    22 Dec 2018

    We understand how difficult it can be for cTrader users to find information on the internet, so we created a centralized knowledge base so that you can find the answer to your question as quickly as possible.


    What is a Knowledge Base?

    A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about help using the cTrader platform, how-to articles about using our software or general help with your trading.

    The information in our knowledge base is supplied by us, but also when users cannot find the answer to their question, we will find it for them and publish this onto the knowledgebase, so it will grow and only relevant content will be added. The knowledge base can include FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and any other nitty-gritty details you may want or need to know.

    cTrader Help is Here

    Why do you Need It?

    In today’s connected world, nobody simply “wants” easy access to accurate information. We demand it. Heck, we expect it. And that doesn’t mean we want a phone call. Or an email. Or a service ticket. We want what we want. Point. Click. Bam. Now.

    Which is why you need a rich, deep knowledge base.

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    Visit Our cTrader Knowledge Base Center