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    cTrader New Features May 2017 - 2.01

    Now you can choose different actions for what happens when you click, double click, and drag a symbol out of the Market Watch. Right click on any symbol to discover the new options available.

    Symbol Window and Panel Reordering

    Now you can reorder every section in the Symbol Panel and Symbol Window, including Depth of Market and Charts section.

    What’s New cTrader Web - May 2017

    Improved design

    cTrader has a much improved color palette for the light theme, adjusted specifically for daytime operation, while the dark theme will ideally suit darker environments. A new clean design for both themes allows users to focus on content without distractions.

    Order Volume Spin Button Control

    A Spin Button has been added to help control the size of orders by increasing or decreasing by the minimum allowed steps. Order volumes can be modified with more precision than using the mouse wheel to scroll through preset values.

    Limit and Stop Orders Separation

    Limit and Stop Orders have been separated in the New Order window and have their own screen in order to simplify the process of creating pending orders. Expect more new order types soon!