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    Trading Strategies

    In finance, a trading strategy is a pre-determined plan that is designed to provide you with a profitable return by going long or short in markets. 

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    cTrader VPS Forex Memory Manager

    cTrader cBot Memory Manager

    Running your automated strategies on your PC or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) will require the right amount of memory (RAM), this memory can be very expensive and not always required. The cTrader cBot Memory Manager will not only make sure you have the right amount of RAM but will also free up your memory when cTrader starts to consume large amounts of memory.
    cTrader Free Historical Backtesting Data Free

    cTrader Backtest Data Wizard - FREE Edition

    The free limited cTrader historical backtest data converter will convert any free market data file you download using the online widget to be imported into the cTrader & cAlgo platform. This is can give you much more historical data to test your automated strategies.

    Limited to 50MB of market Data only which is about 1-year.
    cTrader profit and loss Forex targets

    cTrader Profit & Loss Targets

    Traders who just want a simple method to lock in their profits or reduce their losses can use this cTrader cBot (robot) that will make sure that your profit and loss targets are managed correctly.
    cTrader Switchback Parameters Optimization

    cTrader Forex Robot Optimisation

    We offer a parameter optimisation service for the cTrader Forex trading robot to find the best parameter settings for any single symbol, having the best configuration will give you the highest profit and lowest risk.
    ** Indices & Shares optimized full data range **
    ** FOREX optimized for 1-3 years only **
    ** Single Symbol Only **