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    cTrader DiNapoli Trading Strategy + Source Code

    Non-Refundable (Read Policy)

    This automated trading strategy uses the DiNapoli Stochastic Indicator which uses a smoothing method to filter out noise in the price movement, this product is sold with full source code so you can make any changes you wish and install it on unlimited machines. It incorporates the News Release Manager.

    cTrader Desktop, Upgraded to .NET 6
    Type: cTrader cBot + source code
    Current version: 2.2.0
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: 05 December 2022

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    cTrader Broker Offer

    The DiNapoli indicator which is used in this trading robot has a high probability of providing a signal to buy or sell due to any financial instrument being overbought or oversold. This is an advanced stochastic indicator based on techniques by Dinapoli.


    cTrader DiNapoli Strategy Code

    This robot will automatically open and close positions based on this indicator.

    You can purchase his book on Fibonacci Analysis at GoodReads here


    Benefits of Code Ownership

    One of the key benefits of owning the source code is that additional features can be added to the trading system at any time and it is possible to choose a developer for this task or do it yourself (DIY). Anybody who purchases this product will own the source code, but the copyright of the code for reselling still belongs to ClickAlgo Limited.

    We also offer a coding service to help you add more features to this strategy where the customer will receive and own all the source code.


    No Refunds for this Product

    When you purchase this product we cannot offer a refund under any terms because once you have downloaded the code files from our servers you will own the code and we cannot take it back. We strongly suggest that first a 14-day trial is downloaded for the product without source code to make sure that all the features are what is required.

    The source code version should have all the same features and an exact copy of the non-source code paid version.


    Custom DiNapoli Indicator Code

    You will also need the full source code for our custom DiNapoli Stochastic Indicator which drives most of our flagship trading systems for trend reversal signals, without the indicator code you will not be able to build this cBot project.


    New Release Manager

    With the purchase you will get a free licensed copy of the news manager to install on 2 machines, we do not provide the source code for the news manager.


    Don't Need the Source Code?

    If you just want to start using the trading robot without the source code you can download a licensed version that will allow you to use it on 2 machines at the same time.


    Which Trading Platforms?

    This product with source code can only be used with the cTrader Desktop Trading platform and no other.


    How to install it?

    In the download file, you will find a README text file, which contains information on how to install the projects into the cTrader platform.


    Any Questions?

    If you have any questions you might want to ask before purchasing the product please get in touch with us.


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