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    Turbo-Boost cTrader With Our Powerful Trading Tools (Add-Ons)

    We develop trading software to extend the functionality of the cTrader trading platform to provide retail traders with professional trading tools.

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    cTrader Professional forex Trading Widgets

    cTrader Professional Trading Tools

    The cTrader Trading Software Widget Collection allows you to trade like a professional, the one-click risk management panel allows you to predefine your risk so that you can execute trades with a single click using a simple interface; knowing that each trade entered is fully protected.
    cTrader Guardian Angel Trading Assistant

    Guardian Angel Trading Assistant

    The cTrader Guardian Angel is a personal trading assistant for your PC that will carry out any number of automated actions such as account and trade activity alarms, it will inform you when your account is at risk and even close positions automatically to protect you against financial loss.
    cTrader Forex Trading Terminal

    cTrader QuickFx Trading Terminal

    Why not experience trading at an advanced level on one of the world's most popular trading platforms with cTrader, while taking advantage of ClickAlgo's trader-centric solutions. The mini-trading terminal will allow you to trade with ease as well as submit complex order types.
    cTrader Forex Voice Recognition Trading

    cTrader Voice Recognition Trading Robot

    Would you like to communicate with your cTrader trading platform with a few simple words? We have developed a prototype voice recognition trading assistant that will allow you to talk to the trading platform. [ENLISH ONLY]
    cTrader Moving Average Forex Alerts

    cTrader Moving Average Instant Alerts

    The cTrader Moving Average Instant Alert Message Widget will allow you to set Simple, Exponential, Time Series, Triangular, VIDYA, Weighted and Wilder Smoothing instant alerts using windows pop-up, Telegram Messaging Service, SMS instant messages or emails with a variety of conditions over multiple timeframes. This tool will give you a much better view of the market conditions as it happens in seconds.
    cTrader Forex Strategy Test

    cTrader Strategy Testing Tool

    The Strategy testing tool is Free to download and allows you to use the built-in backtest feature of cTrader for testing your manual strategies before going live. All traders need some form of a trading strategy when they submit and manage orders, this tool will allow you to test your strategy on historical data so you can identify any potential issues that may blow your account.
    cTrader Forex Trade Manager

    cTrader Ultimate Trade Manager

    The Ultimate Trade Manager (UTM) is a cBot for cTrader that allows you to place trades with advanced stop loss and take profit features while calculating the needed volume automatically based on the desired risk you select for each trade. Also, included in the download for free is the Ultimate Trend (UT) indicator that allows you to visually see how trends are forming.
    cTrader One-Click forex Trading Terminal

    cTrader One-Click Trading Terminal

    The cTrader One-Click Trading Terminal software allows you to trade like a professional, the risk management panel allows you to define your risk so that you can execute trades with a single click using a simple interface; knowing that each trade entered is fully protected. You will also have the option to dynamically set the stop loss and take profit to the last price swing high and low with the added option to set up Stealth orders.
    cTrader Forex Trade Copier

    cTrader Trade Stacker & Duplicator

    This nifty little tool will allow you to open multiple stacked duplicate marker orders all at the same time whenever an order is submitted manually or via an automated strategy.
    cTrader MACD Forex Alerts

    cTrader MACD with Alerts

    The cTrader MACD Auto-Trader will notify you when any number of bullish or bearish conditions occur with the MACD crossover indicator via instant messages with an SMS, Telegram, Email or a simple Pop-up window. It will also enter a trade by opening a buy or sell position automatically for you.
    cTrader Platform Health Monitoring Tool

    cTrader Health Monitoring Tool

    The cTrader Platform Health Monitoring Tool will send you an email, voice and pop-up alert when the platform is disconnected and then reconnected from the internet or the broker data-feed stops. This software is totally configurable with user settings and saving of log files for analysis.
    cTrader Forex Floating Market Trading Clocks

    cTrader Market Trading Clock Widget

    The cTrader Floating Market Trading Clock Widgets comprises of 19 different time zones that can be positioned anywhere on or off the charts that will allow you to choose the timezone that suits your trading hours, each clock has a signal when the trading market is open. It includes your local & server time so you can trade when candles close without having to look at the bottom of the chart at the small platform time.
    cTrader Forex Account Information Panel

    cTrader Profit & Loss Dashboard

    The cTrader Profit & Loss Dashboard Widget is part of the professional trading components collection that gives you a unique view of your account information including daily profit targets, spread and buyers and sellers breakdown for each symbol. The user interface is clean and simple so you can make decisions at a glance.
    cTrader Economic Forex News Manager

    cTrader Forex News Manager

    Why suffer from big losses. The cTrader Forex News Release Manager provides signals to pause your robots (x) minutes before, during and after a news release together with an option to auto-close open positions. If you automate your trading using technical indicators then you need this.
    cTrader Forex Scalping Tool For Advanced Users

    cTrader Forex Scalping HotKeys

    The cTrader Forex Scalping Hotkeys is part of the professional trading collection that allows you to quickly submit, close and manage orders with lightning speed. Total Risk Management with a click of the mouse.