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How to Install Indicators & cBots

This article relates to cTrader and it will explain how you can install your custom indicators and automated trading systems (cBots) into the cTrader trading platform or replace existing ones with product updates. When you download an indicator or cBot from the web. it will normally be downloaded to your downloads directory, if you open this directory on your PC you should see your algo files like in the image below.

cTrader algo files


Option 1

The easiest method to install an algo file is to simply double-click your mouse on the file you want to install, what will happen next is that cTrader will start to open, if it is not already open, wait for this to complete. If the file already exists you will see the message box below, just select 'Yes' to continue and overwrite.

ctrader replace algo file


Option 2

If option 1 does not work, this would be because your operating system does not recognise algo files, you will need to open your documents folder using windows explorer and navigate to the Sources folder, here you will see two other folders, all you need to do now is open the relevant folder and copy/paste the algo file into this folder, this will automatically install or replace an existing file.

ctrader indicator folder


* Tip: if you have many indicators to install, the fastest method is option 2.


Need More Help?

If you want more information just follow the link below which will tell you all about adding editing and deleting a cTrader indicator.




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