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How to Tell Us about Bugs

 In order for us to quickly fix any bugs in the software we created for you, we would need you to provide us with as much information as possible, the video below will help you gather all the information we need in the correct format and send it to us in an email to support (@) 


~ The Most Common Problems We Find Are Incorrect Parameter Settings ~

Using an automated trading robot with the wrong settings enabled could be like driving a Ferrari with bald tires, you are not getting the full potential out of your purchase.


ctrader clickalgo bugs

 Watch the Video, Set it as Full Screen and HD Quality


cTrader Bugs


How to Take Screen-Shots of The Charts

The snipping tool is already installed on your version of windows that will be installed on your PC.

The best method to show us, for example, incorrect entry and exit points in your strategy are to use the in-built snipping tool from Microsoft. Sometimes the easiest way to make a copy of something is to take a snapshot of your screen—this is what Snipping Tool does

Read This Article on How To use The Snipping Tool


How To Install the Snipping Tool in Your VPS

 Snipping tool is not installed in the default installation of Windows Server 2012. We have to enable it manually, click on the link below to find out how.

windows vps snipping

Read this article on how to install snipping tool on your VPS server



Information Required When Reporting Problems With Your Automated Strategy

To help us investigate and duplicate the error that you are reporting we would need to have as much information as possible so that we can create the exact same result, once we have the same result we can investigate and fix the problem as quickly as possible, in order to do this we will need the following information. 

Pick a single trade that you feel is wrong, we only need one to investigate. 


  • Date and Time of the entry point or where the error is occurring
  • Your UTC setting or your timezone
  • Your broker
  • The symbol you are using
  • The time-frame you are using
  • All your parameter values including indicators, so your complete cBot settings
  • A screenshot showing the trade entry and exit points using the snipping tool as described above
  • Your exported log data from cAlgo as shown below, just right click on the text and copy all to the clipboard, open notepad and paste the information, save it and send to us.



How To Capture an Example Trade Using The Snipping Tool

The image below shows you the type of screen-shot you should capture with a back-test using the snipping tool which at a glace will provide us with all the information we need. The trade should have opened and closed when the MACD lines cross, but as you can see this did not happen.

cTrader Bug Reporting Trade