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    These are the most popular & downloaded Free cTrader indicators from our website marketplace, feel free to try them out.

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    cTrader Email & Telegram Configuration Tool

    cTrader Telegram, Email & SMS Test

    This tool has been developed to help customers who use the cTrader trading platform test their Email, Telegram bot and SMS settings to make sure they are working correctly for trade alerts sent by the platform or a custom indicator, automated trading system or Add-On application.
    cTrader Free Risk & Reward Tool

    cTrader Free Risk & Reward Tool

    The Free cTrader Risk & Reward Charting Tool provides all the features to help traders set up their trades with how much they are willing to risk before submitting an order. This is a limited feature release of the full paid version but is still packed with risk management & fast trade planning.
    Guardian Angel Trading Assistant

    Guardian Angel Trading Assistant (Free)

    This is the Free limited version of the cTrader Free Advanced Forex Risk Manager can provide you with all the information at a glance to assist your trading, you do not need to start the alarm monitor to view the information. It includes an account overview as well as trade activity status including an account drawdown gauge.
    cTrader Free Divergence Indicators

    cTrader Divergence Indicator Collection

    This is a collection of 6 Free cTrader Divergence indicators which show when the price of an instrument is moving in the opposite direction of a technical indicator. This type of indicator can warn that the current price trend may be failing which can lead to the price changing direction.
    Picture of cTrader DiNapoli Stochastic Curve Check

    cTrader DiNapoli Stochastic Curve Check

    This version of the DiNapoli Stochastic has a smoother indicator and extra logic to match the curve of the lines to identify possible price reversal that matches a sharp price reversal.
    Free cTrader Hull Moving Average indicator

    cTrader Hull Moving Average

    The Hull Moving Average (HMA), developed by Alan Hull, is an extremely fast and smooth Moving Average that almost eliminates lag altogether and manages to improve smoothing at the same time
    cTrader Volume Profile Indicator

    cTrader Volume Profile Collection

    This is a collection of Volume Profile indicators for the cTrader platform, they show each price level volume and by using this method you will be able to tell which price level had the most trading volume and which one had the least trading volume. The strength of this indicator lies in the fact that by combining volume key levels with something like support and resistance trading methods.
    cTrader Trade Copy Software

    cTrader & MT4 Trade Copying Software

    Trade Forex on one cTrader account and have everything cloned to many other accounts including MT4 instantly & automatically with this Free cTrader Trade Copying Software (cMAM). Submit Forex trades with many different cTrader accounts with the same exact trades by simultaneously trading multiple accounts. Copying from cTrader to MetaTrader 4/5 and MetaTrader 4/5 to cTrader.
    cTrader Free Forex Heat Map Widget

    cTrader Heat Map Widget

    The purpose of the cTrader Forex Heat Map Panel is to provide a graphical presentation of the relative strengths of major currencies relative to others. All the majors are shown and updated dynamically for you, a pop-up panel is displayed which can be dragged anywhere on your monitor.
    cTrader Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator

    cTrader Waddah Attar Indicator

    This free Waddah Attar Explosion indicator for the cTrader trading platform is based on price action and can be used by trader's to help identify when the price of an instrument has started moving as a continued trend or is about to break-out after being in a range or after a price reversal, included is an additional feature to send Telegram alerts.
    cTrader free Forex Scalping Tool

    cTrader Free Scalping Indicator

    The cTrader Forex Scalping Tool will inform the trader with a message and sound when high volatility occurs, it will also display the current spread and total depth of market volume for the buyers and sellers. Over 9000 downloads on cTDN
    cTrader Forex Currency Strength indicator

    cTrader Currency Strength Meter

    This is a collection of Free Forex cTrader Currency Strength & Correlation indicators which will show the currencies that are strong and the ones that are weak at any given time. Using these currency strength tools you will be able to quickly visualise at a glance trading opportunities.
    Free Price Action cTrader Indicator

    cTrader Price Action Trade Indicator

    This cTrader price action trade indicator was created by the Price Action Trader Institute (P.A.T.I), it shows both the current and Asian maximum and minimum trading sessions for the previous day enabling you to manage your trades effectively.
    Picture of cTrader Larry Williams Indicators

    cTrader Larry Williams Indicators

    A collection of Larry Williams trading indicators which is an absolute must-have for those who are interested in a Larry's taught the way of trading! The package offers all the necessary tools for efficient trading, incorporated in a very user-friendly way into cTrader. Larry is the master in futures trading. All his indicators were created based on his over 50-year trading experience.
    cTrader Free Harmonic Scanner

    cTrader Free Harmonic Scanner

    The Free cTrader harmonic indicator is a feature-limited copy of the full-paid version that uses Fibonacci numbers to define precise turning points in the Forex markets to predict future movements. This indicator contains the following patterns: Gartley & Crab. When you use Harmonic patterns for trading, it refers to the idea that trends are harmonic phenomena, which means they can be subdivided into smaller or larger waves that could predict the price direction.
    cTrader ATR Free Indicator

    cTrader Average True Range Indicator

    The cTrader average true range (ATR) is a technical analysis indicator that measures market volatility by analysing the complete range of an instrument price for the selected period which was introduced by market technician J. Welles Wilder to measure of volatility. It can also help traders decide when they might want to enter a trade, and it can be used to determine the placement of a stop-loss order.
    cTrader Weis Wave Volume Indicator

    cTrader Weis Wave Volume

    This is a Weis Wave volume indicator for the cTrader trading platform. It is based on Richard D. Wyckoff theory. It works in all time periods, range bar and tick bar charts and it can be applied to any market. This indicator takes the volume and organizes it in waves, highlighting the inflexion points as well as the supply & demand.
    cTrader Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC) Signals

    cTrader Polynomial Regression Indicator

    This cTrader Polynomial Regression Channel (PRC) indicator is used to fade the direction of the market. The basic trading strategy is to buy when the price enters the lower band region or sell when the price hits the upper band. Traders will take profits at the middle band but an aggressive trader might hold out and expect the market to hit the other band. Repainting type indicator
    cTrader Zig-Zag & Fibonacci Extension Alert

    cTrader Zig-Zag & Fibonacci Extension Alerts

    This indicator was converted from MT4 and has had some additional features added by us, it provides ZigZag lines to help indicate spot cycles and draws Fibonacci lines to indicate support and resistance levels.‌ We have added some additional touches to make it a very useful indicator, you can be informed via a pop-up window or email when the symbol price touches one of the Fibonacci extension levels.
    cTrader VWAP Free Indicator

    cTrader Volume Weighted Average Price

    This indicator is an auxiliary tool for analyzing and visualizing the Volume Weighted Average Price of institutional players positions in the market. The most important property is the possibility to set the exact time where you want to start the calculate to VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price).
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