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Spotware launches New Version of cTrader for Mobile Devices

03 November 2017

It looks like the company who created the cTrader trading platform is focusing on staying ahead of the game with a new update for mobile Android and IOS devices, this comes as a public beta version to provide the best possible experience for traders.


The main idea of 2-level navigation remains:

  1. Top level with cloud-based watchlists, positions, orders, price alerts and other trading entities across symbols.
  2. Symbol-centric bottom level where all data is dedicated to the selected symbol.

The account status bar is located at the bottom on Android, and at the top on iOS. While the Android app employs an action bar with side menu and swipeable tabs, simpler page controls are used in the iOS app. Confirmation buttons are at the bottom of the screen on Android whereas they are at the top of iOS. Long story short, it uses native platform controls to give the best possible user experience.



Download The Application From Google Play



Download The Application From Apple App Store

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