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    Switchback Optimisation Service

    Non-Refundable Service

    We offer service for the cTrader Advanced Switchback Trading System to find the best parameter settings for any single symbol, having the best configuration will give you the highest profit and lowest risk.

    * Indices, Shares & Crypto for 1-year only.
    * FOREX for 1-year only.
    * Single Symbol Only using 1-min bar data.
    Type: cBot Optimisation Service
    Requires: Windows 7, 10, 11
    Updated: Thursday, 16 June 2022

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    How does It Work?

    Once you checkout and pay for this service product you will need to send an email to and tell us the name of the symbol that you wish to trade, we will then try and find these settings for you with at least a 10% net return over the entire period and a drawdown no greater than 5%. If we are unable to find optimal settings we will ask you if you would like to try another symbol or refund you the full amount that you paid.



    We promise at least a minimum 10% return over the previous 1-year of historical data 

    Your account balance will define the position size

    with around 5% or less draw-down on your account balance.

    cTrader Switchback Optimisation Service


    Switchback Trading System

    If you are unfamiliar with our collection of cTrader switchback trading systems then you can visit the product page here.


    What Happens If a Symbol Cannot be Optimised?

    Sometimes we cannot optimise a certain symbol, some will perform better than others, if this happens we will inform you that you should not trade with the symbol using the robot.

    * We will offer to optimise another symbol free of charge or we can give you a refund.


    What Information Do We Need?

    When you request this service the following information is required:

    1. The name of the symbol you want to receive optimised settings.
    2. We will use the current average spread when the markets are open.
    3. Your Broker name, so which broker are you trading with.
    4. Your broker account type, standard, hedging, spread betting etc.
    5. What account size will you be using.
    6. What leverage will you be using with your broker; ie: 1:500?
    7. We default to around a 5% drawdown, if you would like a higher return and higher risk, tell us the maximum drawdown you wish to have.


    How Do We Find the Best Results?

    With this type of trading system that does not use data fitting we need to manually adjust the settings for each symbol to get the best result, this method is far better than simply running the optimization engine as it does not suffer from data fitting and in theory it should perform well on fresh data.


    Tick-Data Optimisation

    If you would prefer us to run the optimisation using Tick-Data instead of 1-min bar data then you need to double the quantities in the shopping basket so that you purchase 2 of this product, the cost for this service is double the price of the standard 1-min bar data.


    What is Tick-Data?

    We run all our optimisation and backtests using tick-data, this method includes the historical spread of the symbol in each tick or price data or at each price change, using tick-data will produce more realistic market events. When you use 1-min bar data with the backtest and optimisation module of cTrader you use a fixed spread value for each price change for the whole period of the test.


    Future Performance vs Backtest Results

    If you have good backtest results from the beginning you will have a much higher probability of success, but please be aware that your actual results may not be as good. The idea is to increase your probability of getting winning trades and making a profit, so anything you can do to achieve this is worth it.


    How to Load Your New Parameters

    To load the settings into your cTrader robot, just follow the steps below.


    Do It Yourself (D.I.Y)

    If you would like to learn how to optimise and backtest your own parameter settings then visit our knowledge base.


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