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    Trading API Plugins

    We offer free Application Programming Interface (API) plugins to help traders build their own trading systems using the cTrader trading platform without the complexity.

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    cTrader News Calendar API

    cTrader News Calendar API

    This is the Forex News Calendar Module that is used to manage your automated trading system by integrating a C# class into your existing trading cBot to prevent financial losses during high-impact news events. It requires the cTrader Forex News Manager cBot to work.
    cTrader Harmonic Pattern Trading API

    cTrader Harmonic Pattern API

    The cTrader Harmonic Pattern Trading API will allow you to integrate harmonic pattern recognition signals into your automated trading systems. This download is a client assembly (DLL) with example cBot Microsoft C# source code to help you understand how to use the API.
    cTrader TrueFx Forex API

    cTrader TrueFx Web Price API

    The cTrader TrueFx Price Web API library will allow free easy access to the TrueFx Forex price data feed delivered directly with no intermediary to be used in a custom cTrader cBot or indicator and get free clean untouched real-time Forex price data.