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    Our 3rd party vendors have created some very useful indicators, automated trading systems and general trading tools for the cTrader trading platform, all our vendors are full-time traders who have created cutting edge software.

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    cTrader Starfield Bundle Deal

    Starfield Bundle Pack Discount

    Now you can download the complete collection of 9 cTrader professional indicators at a discounted price, each of these indicators was created by Starfield Trading who are financial and strategical experts with over 20 years experience trading, they offer new tools for financial market interpretation. Also, included in each indicator are Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal.

    Version 2.0, updated 18.08.2020
    £199.99 £99.99
    cTrader second-based Forex indicator

    cTrader Second-Based Candlesticks

    The Dark Matter Second Based Candlesticks is an indicator that allows you to construct candlesticks for any number of seconds based on cTrader’s t1 timeframe.
    £19.99 £9.99
    cTrader Support & Resistance Ribbons

    cTrader Support & Resistance Ribbons

    Are you looking for a place where the price will bounce and a place where the trend might reverse or maybe just want to know what is the current state of the trend? This indicator is just for you.

    Version 1.0.0
    cTrader AlgoCorner Trading Dashboard

    cTrader Trading Dashboard

    The cTrader Trading Dashboard is an embedded trading tool developed by one of our vendors (AlgoCorner), it uses the latest cTrader API versions, we are taking advantage of its capabilities to develop a fast and reliable tool to place trades with a single click in many symbols running in real-time.

    Version 1.1.0
    cTrader VWAP Free Indicator

    Custom Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) Indicator

    This indicator is an auxiliary tool for analyzing and visualizing the Volume Weighted Average Price of institutional players positions in the market. The most important property is the possibility to set the exact time where you want to start the calculate to VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price).
    cTrader Dark Matter TD Sequential Indicator

    Dark Matter TD Sequential Indicator

    This Dark Matter variation of the TD Sequential indicator is an indicator based on Tom Demark’s work and its purpose is to identify uptrend and downtrend exhaustion points. TD Sequential is composed by two parts, the TD setup and TD phase.
    £14.99 £9.99
    cTrader export CSV

    DI Export Date and Price to File

    This indicator is a little resource that helps you to export the market series data from cTrader to a file. The parameter is the file format and you can choose from 3 options: CSV File, Excel File or Text file.
    cTrader Best Volumes Indicator

    DI Players Activity Collection

    This is a collection of 2 indicators for a volume trading Strategy created by DI Solutions that provides a very important tool that will improve your analysis. The Player’s Activity shows you the relevance in the big player’s participation and activity in volume of the market. Using a statistic method and calculating the market’s volume average and variance the indicator determines the standard deviations to analyze the probability of a big player’s participation.
    cTrader Weiswave-Zig-Zag Indicator

    DI ZigZag Auxiliar & DI ZZ WeisWave Indicator

    The ZigZag Auxiliar Indicator is a ZigZag indicator that was designed to help you to monitor and visualize the waves trend in the market. This indicator defines the Up Waves and Down Waves in according to the movements of the marketing. We consider this an auxiliar indicator because it is used to design another indicator: DI ZZ WeisWave Indicator.
    cTrader Forex Market Status Dashboard

    Starfield Market Status Dashboard

    This cTrader indicator by Starfield Trading provides a lot of useful information about market volatility, the trend direction, trend continuation, market consolidation and upcoming volatility breakouts. Now you can really see what is happening in the markets for a given symbol and enter or exit your trades with confidence. Also, included is Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal.

    Version 2.0, updated 18.08.2020
    cTrader Stochastic CCI Advisor

    Stochastic CCI Advisor & Trend Info

    The original version of Stochastic or CCI oscillators could be a good indicator for telling when the price is oversold/overbought but very often the signals are wrong. This issue has been solved by combining those two indicators together and adding some filters for excluding wrong signals.

    Version 1.1.0
    cTrader Volume Based Trading Strategy

    Volume Activity and Weis Wave Volume Collection

    Tracking big players is at the very foundation of these indicators, If we can consistently reveal where the Big players are entering and the direction they are trading, then we have all the information we need to make a profitable trading decision and the Volume Activity and Weis Wave Volume indicators will help you do that.
    cTrader Forex Market Signals

    Starfield Market Signals

    This cTrader Forex Market Signals indicator by Starfield Trading is derivated from Dynamic RSI, Bollinger bands and trend signal to provide the perfect signals for manual trading or even to incorporate into an automated trading system. Also, included are Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal..

    Version 2.0, updated 18.08.2020
    Starfield cTrader CCI WWS HeikenAshi Indicator

    Starfield CCI WWS HeikenAshi

    This amazing indicator by one of our vendors Starfield Trading uses the Commodity channel index, Welles Wilder Smoothing and HeikenAshi indicators all together to give you a positive indication of the trend direction. This is a perfect tool to help you decide if you should enter or exit a trade. Also, included are Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal..

    Version 2.0, updated 18.08.2020
    Starfield Fast Stocahstic & MACD Histogram Indicator

    Starfield Fast Stochastic

    The main idea behind Stochastic indicator according to its developer, George Lane, lies in the fact that rising price tends to close near its previous highs, and falling price tends to close near its previous lows. Also, included are Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal..

    Version 2.0, updated 19.08.2020