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cTrader Professional Programmers

Professional Software Development for Traders is a Financial Technology UK-based company providing a high-quality programming service to both full and part-time traders. We specialise in the cTrader trading platform offering trading software, development services and online education. Contact us today for a chat.


If you are evolving from a discretionary trader into a system trader than you are about to make a "quantum leap" into the world of automated and semi-automated trading. This is where we can help, with the use of the very latest powerful technologies we can take away some or all of your repetitive tasks.

Popular Trading Software

cTrader Professional Trading Software Widgets

The cTrader Trading Software Widget Collection allows you to trade like a professional, the one-click risk management panel allows you to predefine your risk so that you can execute trades with a single click using a simple interface; knowing that each trade entered is fully protected. You will also have the option to choose which widget you want visible to assist you with your trading style from a scalping terminal, market trading clocks, create & manage stealth orders, economic news calendar, quick trade exit, quick view account information with profit and loss and much more.

cTrader QuickFx Trading Terminal

Why not experience trading at an advanced level on one of the world's most popular trading platforms with cTrader, while taking advantage of ClickAlgo's trader-centric solutions. The mini-trading terminal will allow you to trade with ease as well as submit complex order types.

cTrader Neptune Forex Trading Robots

This is a collection of Forex trading robots which uses is a black-box fully automated system. You are provided with a full set of adjustable parameters for optimisation. When you purchase the full collection you get a massive discount.
£180.00 £99.99

cTrader Forex Trading Robot

This is a great introduction to algorithmic trading with this semi-automated trading strategy. It uses a comprehensive Smart-Grid Strategy which is based on Multi-Time-Frame trending indicators with 25 combinations together with Advanced Risk Management. This product will support Crypto-Currencies like Bitcoin. News Release & Memory Manager Add-Ons Included
Best Selling Free Software

cTrader Alarm Manager Dashboard Free Version

This is the Free limited version of the cTrader Alarm Manager can provide you with all the information at a glance to assist your trading, you do not need to start the alarm monitor to view the information. It includes an account overview as well as trade activity status including an account drawdown gauge.

cTrader DiNapoli Stochastic with Curve Check

This version of the DiNapoli Stochastic has a smoother indicator and extra logic to match the curve of the lines to identify possible price reversal that matches a sharp price reversal.

cTrader Hull Moving Average

The Hull Moving Average (HMA), developed by Alan Hull, is an extremely fast and smooth Moving Average that almost eliminates lag altogether and manages to improve smoothing at the same time

cTrader News Calendar Widget - FREE

The cTrader News Calander Widget is Free and provided by FxPro to be shown in a floating resizable window on or off your charts, this is perfect to see when the next high impact news event is about to happen. Also included is a Live Forex Rates Widget.
Knowledge Center

What is a Black-Box Trading System

Black-box trading is a rules-based, fully automated method of engaging the financial markets. The term “black-box” suggests a proprietary nature of the system or strategy that governs functionality. 

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Using a Forex Heat Map Panel With cTrader

You can now easily see a Forex Heat-Map for the cTrader trading platform for the major currency pairs by using this pop-up panel which shows graphically your heat-map.

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cTrader Trade Copying Service

The new cTrader Copy application has replaced the cMirror application and uses a more advanced technology for copying your trades using an equity to equity copying model and diverse fee structures provide traders with transparency and flexibility.

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Algorithmic Trading With cTrader

How does an individual trader, like you, keep an edge in a market that is primarily controlled by Computers?

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How To Use The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator

Learn how to use the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator for trading, the creator of the indicator, Goichi Hosada, introduced Ichimoku as a “one glance” indicator so that in a few seconds you are able to determine whether a tradable trend is present or if you should wait for a better set-up on a specific p...

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The War on Cryptocurrencies Has Just Got Red Hot

The Banks in the Uk are targeting Cryptocurrency owners who have taken out their Crypto Coins for cash, they have had their assets frozen and many accounts have been locked out without warning. 

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Is Bitcoin Too Volatile, What Next?

With Bitcoin being one of the most volatile Cryptocurrencies to invest your money in, what are the people looking at now?


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How To Trade Support & Resistance Levels Using cTrader

If you want to learn how to trade support & resistance levels using the cTrader trading platform, you have come to the right place, we have a unique indicator that will inform you via email, windows popup or instant telegram when the price enters a strong support or resistance zone. 

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Free cTrader Indicators & cBots

If you have started out using cTrader for Forex trading and you are looking for some cool indicators and trading robots (cBots) to help you, just visit us and download them for free.

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Latest Trading News
The creator of the cTrader trading platform Spotware have launched a cryptocurrency exchange solution for anyone who wants to start their own exchange, they offer a complete out-of-the-box solution.
Spotware who created the cTrader trading platform is happy to inform you that their efforts in the information security have been recognized with an award, they received the award for outstanding implementation of the ISO 27001:2013 International Organization for Standardization for the Information Security Management System.
China will have a self-sufficient end to end FX industry ecosystem from Tier 1 bank level down to the retail trader very soon indeed, and it will be a massive, finely honed domestic market powerhouse.