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240, 240, 240 Is Not Valid for Int32

If you are getting this error while running our software then you can easily fix this by following the steps below.




To fix this error just follow the steps below.


2. Go to your settings folder and click on Time & Language button and then related settings.


           Windows10 Open settings choose advanced settings


3. If you are using Windows 7, you can simply skip step 1 & 2 above, click on the Change date, time and number formats as shown in red below.




3. The Region window will open as shown below, click on the additional settings button.


region advanced


4. When the additional settings window opens, change the List Separator value to a comma, it is probably set to a semi-colon as standard with your region.


comma chnage


5. Restart cAlgo or cTrader and try again, it should work now.