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    AlgoCorner brings to the cTrader trading platform some unique tools built with the latest technology, they have many years of experience in both trading and creating trading software.

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    cTrader AlgoCorner Trading Dashboard

    cTrader Market Trading Dashboard

    The cTrader Trading Dashboard is an embedded trading tool developed by one of our vendors (AlgoCorner), it uses the latest cTrader API versions, we are taking advantage of its capabilities to develop a fast and reliable tool to place trades with a single click in many symbols running in real-time.
    cTrader Correlation Table Indicator

    cTrader Currency Correlations Table

    The Correlations Table Indicator for cTrader helps you spot market opportunities and risks in real-time with little to no effort, easy to run and configure, view and get highlights for dozens of pairs and combinations in one simple panel. This indicator covers the whole chart and has a sub-window that is used to plot the correlation value and relationship between the assets.
    cTrader Gradient Forex Orders

    cTrader Gradient Orders

    The Forex Gradient order tool will help you spread your trades very quickly with a few clicks, it's a script that lets you place multiple trades simultaneously, split across a range that you can determine by dragging the mouse over the chart.