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    AlgoDeveloper offers some fantastic FREE trading tools from a Manual Strategy Tester to an MT4 & cTrader Trade Copying Application for the cTrader trading platform.

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    cTrader Volume Profile Indicator

    cTrader Volume Profile Collection

    This is a collection of Volume Profile indicators for the cTrader platform, they show each price level volume and by using this method you will be able to tell which price level had the most trading volume and which one had the least trading volume. The strength of this indicator lies in the fact that by combining volume key levels with something like support and resistance trading methods.
    cTrader RSI Divergence Indicator

    cTrader RSI Divergence

    The cTrader Relative Strength index (RSI) Divergence indicator is similar to the MACD version, but it uses the formula for the RSI instead, the divergence recognition indicator is very powerful and accurate at determining trend reversals which are perfect for your buy and sell entry points. This indicator does not repaint & includes alerts.
    cTrader Chart Navigation

    cTrader Chart Navigation Tool

    The Chart Navigation Indicator for the cTrader trading platform allows you to quickly switch timeframes or symbols by pressing keyboard arrow keys, it works simultaneously across all your open cTrader charts. If you are a scalper of need to quickly open or manage your trades then this tool is one you should have in your toolkit.
    MACD Divergence

    MACD Divergence

    This is another cTrader Divergence indicator created by AlgoDeveloper, it has more features than the standard version available on our website. This indicator is a very popular concept among technical traders to identify early signs of a trend reversal. You will also be able to see the divergence lines on both the indicator and the chart.