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    Best Paid Indicators

    There are now thousands of cTrader indicators, but how can you tell the difference between the ones that don't work and the ones that will give you an added edge over the other traders to win. 

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    cTrader Polynomial Regression Channel Alerts

    cTrader PRC Trade Signals

    This cTrader Polynomial Regression Channel Trade Signal Indicator is an invaluable tool to help you identify trend reversals on all timeframes using price channels, this system will send you a pop-up, email, telegram or an instant SMS message when the price channels are breached.
    cTrader Chandelier Exit Indicator

    cTrader Chandelier Exit Indicator

    The Chandelier Exit (CE) is a volatility-centric indicator devised by Chuck Le Beau, a renowned authority on exit strategies. It effectively pinpoints stop-loss exit points for both long and short trading positions. Knowing when to exit a losing trade is a big bonus when trading the financial markets. Telegram & Pop Up Alerts included.
    cTrader Fractal Channel

    cTrader Fractal Channel Alerts

    The cTrader Fractal Channel indicator is a technical analysis tool that helps identify potential price trends and support/resistance levels in financial markets. It's based on the concept of fractals, which are self-similar patterns that repeat at different scales. In trading, fractals are used to identify significant price levels.Telegram & Pop Up Alerts included.
    cTrader Harmonic Scanner Indicator

    cTrader Harmonic Pattern Scanner

    The cTrader Harmonic Pattern Recognition Indicator is a powerful technical analysis and pattern recognition tool for retail traders. These patterns represent price structures that contain combinations of distinct and consecutive Fibonacci retracements and projections. This scanner will identify 6 of the most popular harmonic patterns and at the same time send a Telegram or SMS message to your desktop PC or mobile phone.
    cTrader Dynamic Index Indicator

    cTrader Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) Professional

    The Traders Dynamic Index is an all-in-one excellent cTrader indicator that probably generates one of the most useful arrays of signals on the market, there are a few available, but nothing compared to the features that the professional version has, which include many graphical enhancements and Telegram alerts.
    cTrader Support & Resistance Indicator

    cTrader Support & Resistance Indicator

    How can you trade using the cTrader support & resistance indicator? Well, support and resistance is a concept that the movement of the price of an instrument will tend to stop and reverse at certain price levels. These levels are calculated by multiple touches of the price without breaking through the level. Email, Telegram & Pop-up alerts.
    cTrader Stop & Reverse Indicator

    cTrader Stop & Reverse Alerts

    A stop and reverse (ATR) indicator, also known as Average True Range (Stop and Reverse), is a technical analysis tool primarily used by traders to determine potential reversal points in the price direction of an asset. It's often employed in trend-following trading strategies.

    Good Scalping Tool. Telegram & Pop Up Alerts.
    cTrader Forex Dashboard

    cTrader Market Status Dashboard

    The cTrader Starfield Trading is an excellent technical indicator that provides a lot of useful information about market volatility, the trend direction, trend continuation, market consolidation and upcoming volatility breakouts. Now you can see what is happening in the markets with Telegram & Email Alerts.
    cTrader Direction Correction Target

    cTrader Direction Correction Targets

    The cTrader Direction Correction Target (DCT) was made with the idea to be not just an indicator but the whole trading strategy system by itself, you will also receive telegram alerts when there are signals to buy or sell. We have tested this indicator at ClickAlgo and there is so much more under the hood, it is an excellent trade planning indicator complete with entry points and profit targets and is highly recommended.
    cTrader Candle High-Low Trailing Stop

    cTrader Candlestick Trailing Stop-Loss

    The cTrader Candle High & Candle Low automated robot uses a set amount of closed candles in the direction of the trade to determine where to move the trailing stop loss.
    cTrader Supply & Demand Indicator

    Multi Timeframe Support & Resistance

    The cTrader multi-timeframe support & resistance indicator is a technical analysis tool used in trading platforms to identify trends across different timeframes simultaneously. This indicator allows traders to plot trendlines based on price movements on multiple timeframes, such as daily, hourly, or even minute charts, on a single chart.
    cTrader Risk & Reward Professional

    cTrader Risk & Reward Professional

    The cTrader Risk & Reward Professional Indicator is a comprehensive tool that allows visual pre-planning with one-click trading and trade execution with up to 4 dynamic take-profit targets. The position size is calculated in real-time based on the % of the equity or a fixed amount. This tool is packed full of must-have features for any trader.
    Best cTrader Technical Indicators

    cTrader Technical Indicator Collection

    Now you can download the complete collection of 9 cTrader professional indicators at a discounted price, each of these indicators was created by Starfield Trading who are financial and strategical experts with over 20 years experience trading, they offer new tools for financial market interpretation. Also, included in each indicator are Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal.
    cTrader Smart Portfolio

    cTrader Smart Portfolio Architect

    This systematic approach not only improves investment decision making by relying on rigorous quantitative analysis, but also facilitates more efficient risk management. By diversifying more effectively, investors can aim to achieve an optimal balance between risk and return by selecting highly liquid assets, tailoring their portfolio to their specific investment objectives and risk tolerance.
    cTrader AI Machine Learning Indicator

    cTrader K-Means ML Indicator

    Discover trading excellence with our advanced cTrader indicator, powered by machine learning, a true revolution in financial market analysis! This algorithm, more than just a complement, is a key tool for gaining a significant advantage in trading.
    cTrader Moya Bands Threshold Indicator

    Moya Bands Threshold Indicator

    This cTrader threshold indicator leverages a Kalman filter together with a modified exponential moving average (MEWMA) to smooth price data and generate trading signals, It also utilises the average true range (ATR) to gauge market volatility and establish trading bands. This indicator provides a sophisticated tool for traders looking to filter market noise and gain a clearer view of trends and volatility. As with any indicator, it's advisable to use it as part of a broader trading strategy and confirm signals with other indicators or technical analysis.
    cTrader Forex Market Signals

    cTrader Market Trading Signals

    This cTrader Forex Market Signals indicator by Starfield Trading is derived from Dynamic RSI, Bollinger bands and trend signal to provide the perfect signals for manual trading or even to incorporate into an automated trading system. Telegram & Email Alerts, so you never miss a signal.
    cTrader Price Alerts Professional

    cTrader Telegram Price Alerts Professional

    The cTrader Telegram Price Alerts Professional indicator is an extension of the standard price alerts you will find built into the trading platform with extra features with the ability to send Telegram alerts directly to your mobile phone when a price target is reached for the symbol you wish to trade.
    cTrader CoT Index Dashboard

    cTrader Commitments of Traders (CoT)

    This is a collection of cTrader Commitments of Traders (CoT) indicators that quickly quantify the actions of a group of traders. In the case of the commercials, the COT index allows us to put into perspective the weekly positions of commercial traders so that we have a consistent reference point by which to judge their actions. With this data, we can determine very quickly how their current level of buying and selling.
    cTrader DiNapoli Stochastic Indicator

    cTrader DiNapoli Curve Fitted Oscillator

    This version of the cTrader DiNapoli Stochastic indicator is smoother with additional logic to match the curve of the lines to identify early price reversals using linear regression curve fitting with Polynomial Interpolation.
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