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    How to Code cTrader Telegram Alerts
    This article will explain how you can add Telegram alerts into your existing or new automated trading system for the cTrader trading platform using Microsoft Visual Studio & the C# programming language.
    cTrader Community-Driven Development
    What makes our company unique in this industry is that we listen to feedback from our customers via our Telegram community and suggestions forum to improve our products with new features.
    cTrader cBot & Indicator Licensing
    This article will show how a developer can licensing their cTrader cBots & Indicators to protect against software piracy in order to create maximum profit.
    cTrader Tutorials
    Our cTrader Tutorial will help traders learn how to use the full potential of the trading platform & create their own automated trading systems using hands-on video tutorials
    How to Protect Your cBot Source Code
    If you have just spent many days or even months creating a product that you wish to sell or even share then you may not want the average coder from stealing your hard work.
    Comments (0) Telegram: SSL/TLS Secure Channel
    If you find that your Telegram API code is no longer sending messages to your bots and you are getting an error creating a secure SSL/TLS secure channel, we have the fix.
    cTrader Developer
    We are a professional Fintech company based in the UK specialising in developing custom indicators, cBots, EA's, robots & trading tools for traders who use the cTrader trading platform.
    Oxford Algorithmic Trading Course
    The Oxford Algorithmic Trading Course is one of the first courses of its kind in the world that can be studied part-time, this is a 6-week self-paced course that will teach the rules.
    cTrader cBot Optimization
    If you are using a cBot then you will need to make sure your indicator and robot settings provide the best results when you backtest and run on new fresh data with a forward test.
    Installing cTrader on a VPS
    When you purchase a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to run your robots you will need to first install cTrader and set things up, this article will help you get started.
    cTrader Broker Referral Program - Coding Service
    Are you a broker who gets asked to build custom indicators and trading robots by your customers or to help to migrate Expert Advisors over to cTrader cBots?
    cTrader Stack Exchange Programming Community
    We are in the process are creating a programming community for the cTrader trading platform on Stack Exchange, the site is currently living in Area 51 which is the staging site.
    cTrader Microsoft C# & Machine Learning Tutorial
    New to Microsoft C# and don't know where to start? This little introduction will help you find the information you need to get started to create your own cTrader cBots.
    cTrader cBot Coding & Programming
    If you would like to join the growing number of traders who are now running automated trading robots that will work 24/7 and 365 days a year than read this.
    Algorithmic Trading - Hard Facts
    Many traders start out with algorithmic trading with the view that they have found the secret of success that will bring them wealth easily, this is very far from the truth.
    Hard Facts Trading Forex
    I am sure you want to know how much money can you make from forex trading, right? You’ve heard of traders making millions in the financial markets, but you really cannot compete with these big boys.