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    What is a cTrader cBot

    Finding the best cTrader automated trading robots or cBots as it is known with cTrader involves looking at many factors including, ease-of-use, performance, risk, proven historical results and cost. Most traders who start looking at algorithmic trading think that all automated trading robots will simply print money, this is far from the truth.

    We will refer to them as an ATS from this moment forward as the true name is an Automated Trading System and not an Expert Advisor or EA which is specific only to the Metatrader trading platform (MT4) and what is a non-standard name in the financial markets.




    Is an ATS Fully-Automated?

    Many traders ask if they can use an automated trading system as a money-printing machine, which means they set it up, start it and walk away expecting the system to open, close and manage trades, this is not possible in the financial markets due to the unpredictability caused by many factors including fundamentals like news which the ATS has no control or markets events that happen all of a sudden that nobody knew was going to happen.


    How to Use an ATS (cBot)

    You may be wondering what are the real benefits of using an automated trading system, there are many, the best use is to open, close or manage positions based on pre-defined trade rules that the trader uses manually and which they get consistent winning trades and once this is automated they can leave it running 24/7, but as with manual trading things happen in the markets that need human interaction and this is why a trading system cannot be 100% automated. 


    ClickAlgo Automated Trading Robots

    We cannot promise that you will get rich using our trading systems or even make regular money, all of our robots are not fully 100% automated, but instead semi-automated which means the trading cBots follow pre-defined rules for opening & closing trades and risk management to limit the financial exposure, but the trades need human management, this can happen during unpredictable market events or when banks or brokers move the market, only the human eye can see this and this is when the trader needs to intervene.


    Semi-Automated Trading Assistant

    Think of an automated trading system as a trading assistant where you the trader is in charge, and the only downside is human emotions, this is why many people automate their strategy, but to succeed you need to let the system use the pre-defined rules knowing that they were set by you in the first place, while at the same time get involved when absolutely necessary.


    Custom Built Trading Systems

    If you have a trading strategy that you would like automated to reduce repetitive tasks then contact our development team.


    Best Free cTrader cBots

    Now you know what a cBot is why not try out some of our best products from our marketplace.