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Software Licensing FAQ's

All of our paid products require licensing, this is to prevent piracy, we hope you understand that each product takes many days, weeks or months to create, so we need to protect our work.


How Can You Get Your License?

When you start your software you will see a registration screen showing a unique key for your machine, you can create your own product license, but you will need to log in with your ClickAlgo website credentials and use the machine key to create your license, this is provided as a text file download, you then need to paste the text into the registration screen to activate the software.


How Many Machines Can You Use the Software On?

We provide you with two licenses and this is usually for your working PC and your Virtual Private Server (VPS) or you can have a combination of the following:

x2 PC’s or x1 PC and x1 VPS or x2 VPS’s


What Happens If You Buy a New PC?

Just send us the new machine key and we will issue you with a new license.


What Happens If You Change Your VPS Provider?

It is very common for people to change the VPS provider or request an upgrade if this should happen just request a new license and we will send one to you.


What Happens If You Install a New Operating System?

If you install a new operating system just send us the new key and we will send you your new license.


What Happens To Licences That Are No Longer Valid?

When you request a new license and it is above your limit of x 2 PC's or VPS's we will deactivate the software remotely so it will no longer work.


How Long are The Licenses Valid?

All of the licenses are valid for the lifetime of the product, so there are no renewal fees or any other kind of fees in the future.


Will You Get Free Product Updates?

Yes, you will. We plan to release updates with new features every 3-6 months and you are entitled to these updates at no extra cost.


How Many Trial Licenses Can I Have?

We have automated this service so that you can now receive one trial license per machine, so if you have 5 machines, you can request 5 licenses. Once the trial period is over, you will not be able to request another license for that machine.


How Does The Licensing Work?

The license we send you will only work on the machine that created the unique key shown on the registration screen. It will not work on any other machine.


What Does No Licensing Mean?

If you purchase a product which shows the license type as ** No Licensing, Multiple Machines - One-Off Fee ** then you can install this software on as many machines as you want, there is no restriction like to Single User license to just two machines.


Source Code Not Included

We do not provide the source code for any of our digitally downloaded products unless otherwise stated on the product page, the source code is the intellectual property (IP) of and not available to the public.


Indicators - Manual Trading Only

Unless otherwise stated on the product page, you cannot use any of the indicators you download from our website with automated trading systems, they are for manual trading only.