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    cTrader Automate Video Tutorials

    Learn how to use the cTrader Automate feature of the Trading Platform with hands-on video tutorials on how to create your very first automated trading system (ATS) to gain an advantage in the financial markets.

    cTrader Video Tutorials


    Our cTrader Automate Video Tutorial Channel

    We have a growing YouTube community to help educate traders for free, you will be directed to YouTube where you can watch them, we recommend that you subscribe to our channel to keep informed when we release new ones. Please give us a thumbs-up as this help us create more free stuff.


    cTrader 4.2 Latest Features

    There have been some great improvements in the release of cTrader Desktop 4.2 that include an update from NET 4 to NET 6 as well as the use of more IDE coding tools and optimization module features.


    Our YouTube Channel Home Page

    We have many educational and hands-on product videos on our YouTube Channel, visit us and subscribe to be updated when we publish new videos.


    cTrader Automate User Guide

    The cTrader Automate User Guide covers everything you need to know in written form to help you get started creating your own automated trading systems.


    cTrader Automate Video Tutorials

    This is a complete series of video tutorials for the cTrader trading platform to help new and experienced traders learn how to create their own automated trading systems and how to use the in-built features of cTrader to its full potential.


    cTrader Automate Overview

    If you are new to cTrader Automate then this is where you start, watch this video for n overview of the algorithmic trading module for cTrader.


    Automated Trading Systems Explained

    This video will help you understand what is an automated trading system, algorithmic trading or in cTraders terminology a cBot.


    Backtesting Your Automated Trading Systems (cBots)

    This is an updated video explainer for traders who wish to learn how to use the backtesting feature of the cTrader trading platform for their automated trading systems (ATS) or cBots.


    Knowledgebase for Backtesting

    If you wish to read about backtesting instead of watching a video then we have the information in our knowledge base below.


    interface tutorial


    cTrader Desktop

    We also have a complete series of videos to help traders learn how to use the manual trading features of the platform.


    Support Us & Leave a Review

    We recorded these video tutorials to help traders learn how to use cTrader, please support us by leaving a review on Trustpilot.