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Forex News Calendar API

The cTrader Forex News Calendar Professional application includes an API assembly o DLL that allows an algorithmic trader to integrate the news signals into their own trading robots. The API file is included in the download when you purchase the Forex News Calendar together with example code and there is also a video tutorial.


How Does It work?

The Forex News Calendar Professional Tool is shown in the diagram below as News Release Manager (NRM) as it can be used to manage multiple automated Trading Systems or cBots at the same time. 


cTrader News Calendar API


The NRM simply sends a signal to the windows registry and sets a flag to true or false for each individual currency symbol, these flags are set to true for a news event that is about to happen and false when it is over. If you start the NRM application you will see a button on the News Event log tab called Registry, click on this button to open the windows registry section on your PC where the news event signals are sent.


News Calendar Registry Button


How To Integrate The Code?

The first step is to download the files from the API product page and you will see a file called ClickAlgo.NewsManager.Client, this is the API file that is needed as a reference in your cBot project. Also, you will find a cBot project called ClickAlgo News Manager example.algo, this is an example project where we show you how to integrate the API assembly.


How To Run a Quick Test?

Once you have integrated the API into your project you can run a quick test by simply changing the value of the currency setting in the registry from false to true to simulate a news event and false to simulate the event is over.


cTrader News Calendar Registry




Need Extra Help? Watch a Video Explainer

The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

Duration: 11-minutes - Watch full screen on YouTube


cTrader News Manager API Video