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Free Downloads - Limitations

We offer limited technical support for the FREE indicators, cBots and trading software that we offer on our web store.

Why Limited Technical Support?

We work hard to provide free trading software for our customers and all of this work is unpaid, if we were to also offer technical support we would very quickly go out of business, so we hope you as the customer will understand.

  • You will be able to get help from the community of traders by joining our Live Chat Support Group on Telegram, please post your problem there.

Why No Source Code?

We own the Intellectual Copyright (IP) of all the products available for download at our web store and you will find that your downloaded indicator or cBot will not contain any source code, this is to stop people from taking our hard work and selling or offering them on another website.

What If You Find A Bug?

If you do find a bug in the free software we provide please do not contact us directly, but instead post it on the forum link below, an engineer will pick it up and investigate when they have time. We cannot provide a time or date for the investigation, but the results will be posted back on the forum and you will be updated via email.


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