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Grid-Hedge Getting Started

This trading system uses technical indicators to determine when a position opens, when you click on the start button you will not see anything happen.


Why Nothing Happens When the Robot Starts

The robot will only open positions when there is a strong technical signal to do so, it may take minutes, hours or days depending on the settings, you may want to look at the log tab to make sure you have not forgotten to install the indicator.

Consider changing the ATR indicator timeframe to 1-minute.


Why Does the Robot Suddenly Stop?

If your robot stops, this could be because it has reached the Equity or Balance targetsPrice Levels or Equity Drawdown, please take a look at how these settings work and change them.


Also, try running some backtests to verify the results.


If you open the folder you will see 3 cBot files, double click on each one to install onto cTrader, the Smart-Grid and the News Manager are cBots and the DiNapoliStochastic is an indicator.


How to Load the Sample Parameters

Once you have installed the cBots & Indicator, your next step is to load the sample example parameters so you can run a backtest and start trading

The next step is to add a cBot instance and load one of the setting files.

  1. Add a cBot instance
  2. Load a Parameter setting file.


How to Backtest?

Now that you have the correct settings to run the robot you may want to run a backtest to make sure the results are adequate.


Using Other Symbols

If you wish to use other currency pairs, indices, metals or shares then this is possible, but you as the trader will need to find your own settings for each symbol. The perfect settings for one symbol could be very poor for another, so you will have to learn how to either optimize or manually adjust the robot settings until you find settings that work.