ClickAlgo Support Page

How to Register Paid Software

Registering our software is very simple, just follow start the cBot or open an indicator and you will see the screen below.

 ClickAlgo Product Key Check

Just click on the Next button and you will be taken to the product registration screen, you will need to sign-in to your account at ClickAlgo to access this page.


ClickAlgo Product Registration


Once you are logged in and can access the product registration page, you will see the web page above, the license key should be automatically completed, but if this value is missing then you will need to copy and paste or manually enter your product license key. Select the product you wish to license and the name of your PC or VPS and when you are ready click on the register button.

Your product should register successfully, you can now go back to cTrader and start your cBot or open your indicator, when you click on the next button it should automatically start.

If you have any problems licensing your product, just send an email to