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    We are skilled at marketing and promoting customers products to be visible not just on our website, but in the entire world so that potential customers from all over the globe. We also post on all the major social media sites so your product gets the full exposure. On top of all that we also create and publish your product on our website, so you do not even have to write any marketing material, we will do all of this for you.


    What Is A Vendor Program?

    Our vendor program allows a person or company to sell their Indicators, trading systems or trading software through our web store and benefit from our website visitors as well as our marketing campaigns. This will get your product noticed on the web via the major search engines.


    What Are The Requirements?

    The only requirement that we ask is that we have a telephone conversation to get to know each other and start a trusting relationship.


    cTrader Vendor Partnerships


    How Much Will This Cost?

    The cost of selling your product on our website will be just 30% of the total sale of your products.

    We pay all international transaction fees from the customer which is usually 5%, so you will get exactly 70% of the price advertised on the website.


    No Set-Up Fee

    The Price for creating and publishing your product page is free, this includes posting on, Twitter and Facebook.

    We will also Search Engine Optimize (SEO) your product page and register it on Google, Bing & Yahoo for maximum exposure.


    Regular Weekly Payments

    Payments are made on a weekly basis every Friday for the previous week's sales regardless of the amount via Transferwise or you can send us your bank details and we will make a payment directly to your bank. You will need to tell us beforehand how you would like to be paid each week.

    Please note that you will be paid 1 week in arrears as the initial transactions can take up to 7 days to reach our accounts

    ** bank transfer charges - we use TransferWise for transferring money into your account and the average cost to transfer £500.00 is just £3.50 **


    "We Do All The Marketing & Selling for You"

    Our Twitter Page | Our Facebook Page | Our Pinterest Page

    In a nutshell, we will do all the marketing for you to get maximum exposure on the internet and customers visiting our website.


    How Can You Add Your Products?

    We will create the product page for you and ask your permission before it is published live.

    We will also publish it on cTrader's cTDN website for maximum exposure to all the customers.


    We Can Offer Trial Downloads

    Just send two copies of your indicator, one for selling and the other with a trial period, if you have any difficulties creating a trial version we will help you. Trial downloads will increase your sales considerably as well as reduce refunds due to unhappy customers.


    Do You Sign A Contract?

    Yes, we have a standard rolling 12-month contract to protect both parties, you can ask us to amend the contract to suit your business model.


    Vendor Admin Portal Video Demo

    The video has been uploaded to 1080p High Quality, so do not forget to set your U-Tube video quality to 1080p HD. 

    Duration: 4 minutes




    How Can You Manage My Products?

    You will need to contact us to add new products, but you can log into the portal and change the price of your product at any time.

    If you would like to see what a product looks like, just click on this link.


    How Will You Know When A Product Is Sold?

    As soon as a customer buys one of your products from our web store you will receive an automated email.


    How Can You Review Your Sales Statistics?

    Integrated into your personal portal you can review all the customers who have purchased your products and look at sales data.


    Will The Customers Know That You Own The Product?

    Yes, on the product details page you will have your company name and a link that will take them to your own personal vendor page.


    How To Prevent Software Piracy?

    Included in the set-up fee for creating and publishing your product we will add a simple anti-piracy feature to help prevent your products from being re-sold or distributed, the easiest method is to display on the chart window who the product belongs to and where it was sold.


    Who Will Manage Customer Support?

    You will manage all the customer support for the software that is sold at our web store, the customer will be able to contact you via the website.

    If you want us to answer all customers queries as 1st line support then the split is 50/50, you will then not have to deal with any customers and can sit back and receive the money every week, but ClickAlgo may contact you for additional help if we cannot answer any questions the customer asks.


    Who Will Manage Any Refunds?

    We will refund the customer and either reclaim the amount from the vendor or deduct this amount from the next payment cycle. 


    What Products Can You Sell At

    We will allow indicators only.


    Ready to Join Us?

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