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    How to Convert Expert Advisors for cTrader

    Many MT4 traders are asking us to help them convert their existing Expert Advisor's across to cTrader so that can keep their favourite trading systems & indicators while using a more modern trading platform.


    How We Work

    All our developers are educated professionals who have experience working for software houses and in order to help the customer build their automated trading system (ATS), a written project specification or requirements document as it is known in the industry is required. this will enable the developer to see the full picture and it will also allow the customer to fully analyse their system before they request our services.


    Why Is a Document Required?

    If you were to ask a builder to build a house for you would you just do it over the telephone or simply say I want one like Mr Jones down the road, the builder will not know the correct measurements or even the layout of the inside of the house. We receive many requests from customers who ask us to create a cTrader cBot from an existing MT4 EA or indicator where the source code is hidden, even if we did have the source code, it would be difficult to see the full picture as it is not a representation of how the system works and can be poorly written.


    ctrader software development


    The Most Important Phase of Automating a Strategy

    Most traders are not aware, but the most important phase of converting their existing EA to a cTrader cBot is the design phase, many traders probably used self-taught developers who never asked for a project specification, this is very dangerous and the end result will fail as not enough time was spent on the important part which is the design and analysis.


    Specification: A detailed description of the dimensions, construction, workmanship, materials etc., of work, done or to be done, prepared by an architect, engineer etc.

    "Shorter Oxford English Dictionary"


    How to Send Us Your Project Description

    Please click on the link below to find out how we need you to send us your project description.

    * The more detailed your project description, the lower the quote will be.


    Our Coding Service

    If you need help with converting your MT4 EA's to be used with cTrader please take a look at the page below which will provide more information on how we work and to answer any of your questions.