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Neptune Trading System - Release Notes

When we release a new update for the Neptune trading robots you will find the history here.


Version 2.4.0, September 2020

With this latest update, we released new features as requested by customers.

  1. Disable warning option to allow trading with a currency pair that has a different name than the cBot.
  2. Same symbol filter: this prevents new trades from opening when the same 3-digit symbol is already being traded.
  3. Average True Range Stop Loss, the stop loss can be managed using the ATR value and is adjusted as the value changes.
  4. Average True Range Take Profit, the take profit can be managed using the ATR value and is adjusted as the value changes
  5. Bug fixes: memory leak if the news manager is set to yes with a backtest.


* If you download the update, do not forget to backup the existing file, delete it from cTrader before installing the new version, keep the old version just in case. 


Version 2.3.1, June 2020

With this latest update, we released a hot-fix for a critical bug.

  1. When running any Neptune trading robot, if manual positions were opened with the same symbol, the SL and TP were adjusted.


Version 2.3.0, May 2020

With this latest update, we have added a much-voted feature to protect the account balance when turbo mode is used.

  1. Turbo mode trade limit settings so that the user can choose the maximum number of trades that can be opened at the same time.
  2. Buy and Sell position sizing has been changed from volume to lots.
  3. The settings are now grouped in the user interface to help see the different features.


Version 2.2.0, October 2019

With this latest update, we have included 60 settings for you to optimize, this means that you can run your own optimization for this symbol to get even better backtest results, now you have full control over any date range.

  1. Quarterly optimized parameters for 1 year.
  2. We will now optimize all 9 trading robots every 4-months free of charge to keep up with the changing markets.
  3. Each trading robot will now have much more parameters to optimize to get the best possible results.


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