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cTrader Neptune Trading Stagnation

This type of trading system uses 50 or more technical indicators that are suited to the currency symbol being traded, each of the Neptune trading robots is built specifically for the symbol name of the cBot. When you use so many indicators, they all need to show either a bullish or bearish signal before a trade is open, so if 49 indicators show a bullish signal and 1 shows a bearish signal no buy trade will open.


Nothing Happens When Starting Robot

If you are wondering why the robot has not opened a trade a few hours after starting it then this is because all the indicators are not yet aligned to provide a safe signal to trade, depending on your settings it could take days before a trade is opened.


How To Test if Robot is Working Correctly?

The best method to check if the robot is working correctly is to run a simple backtest for the past year and count the number of historical trades, divide them by 12 and you have your monthly average. You can also run a backtest over the past week and if no trades are shown then the robot did not open any trades.


Usage of This Type of Strategy

There are 9 Neptune trading robots, it would be very rare that they will trade at the same time, the idea is to run them together at the same time, this will increase the number of trades to expect over a month, again you can run backtests for all of them and average the number of monthly trades.


Use these trading robots as an addition to your existing portfolio of automated trading robots, keep your position size to the minimum and run them as low-risk trading with few open positions.


Need The Thrill of More Trades Open?

If you are looking for a trading system that opens many trades then this is not the product for you, trading should be non-emotional and more trades does not equal more profit, you just need one big winner a year.


Return of Profit (ROI)

Do not look at this or any of our trading systems as money-printing machines, if you make double your initial investment of purchasing this product in a year then that is a 200% return on your Investment.